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The Diocese of Springfield in Illinois has created a unique solution
to provide parishes an online giving tool for the offertory.

These are certainly challenging times for our country and our communities. In times of uncertainty, we rely on the support of family, friends, and the parish community. One of the many challenges presented to us is the inability to attend Mass. Welcoming each other, praying together, and coming before our Lord in the Eucharist provides nourishment and comfort. The warm smiles, the comforting conversations, and the generosity of parishioners are greatly missed in our Parishes.  

Parishes rely on the generous stewardship of parishioners to bring the Gospel to life. During this crisis, many parishioners are sharing their time and talents to help the needy in their parish communities. Ongoing financial support is also needed to ensure the Parish will be sustainable upon our return. However, this presents a unique challenge for many who physically contribute each Sunday and for parishes that do not have a tool for online giving.  

The Diocese of Springfield in Illinois has created a unique solution to provide parishes an online giving tool for the offertory. No parish website is required and every parish is given a unique web link to their own donation page. There is no cost for the parish to enroll in utilizing this benefit and all funds will be directed to each parish, as designated. Each parish will receive the online gifts contributed on their donation page and will be able to receive the names of the generous stewards who are offering their support. 

Benefits to the Parish

No website required, easy set-up!

Allows for recurring gifts

No cost to enroll

Sustainable online offertory while parishioners are away

Promote your current e-giving link

Creates unique giving link and Parish page

Data secured and clear reporting offered to Parish


Benefits to the Donor

Provides the comfort knowing you are sustaining your parish during this challenging time  

Offers flexible donation options  

Provides a Parish link to share with fellow contributors  

Data is fully protected and secured  

Your information remains private  

No cost to enroll  

100% of your contribution stays with your Parish  

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